Shaping Cooperation for a World in Transition

Pandemics, inequality, mass migration, climate breakdown: these are challenges that know no borders. To face them, we need collective action on a global scale. But global rules, norms, and institutions are under strain. In an age of great power rivalry and compounding crises, what will it take to revitalise international cooperation?

ENSURED is a three-year, Horizon Europe-funded research project that will investigate how the European Union can do better in leading the defence of multilateralism – and succeed in making global governance more robust, effective, and democratic.

What’s New?

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Introducing the ENSURED Project

ENSURED is a consortium of 14 partners from Europe, the United States, Brazil, China, India, and South Africa. Together, we want to find out how the EU and its member states can better defend and transform the multilateral system to make it more robust, effective, and democratic.

Wondering what we do and what makes the ENSURED consortium special? Watch this video to hear more from different members of the project team about what to expect.
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Our Focus Areas

We introduce new concepts to enrich our understanding of global governance in academic debates and across different thematic areas.
We consider ways to revitalise the World Trade Organization and promote a fairer global trading system.
We analyse the positions of key climate actors and formulate recommendations to strengthen global environmental governance.
We investigate how the World Health Organization can improve health governance as well as vaccine access and equity around the world.
We propose new ways to strengthen migration and human rights governance and offer recommendations to reform key frameworks and institutions.
We explore three key domains of global digital governance: the regulation of cyberspace, digital currencies, and artificial intelligence.
We examine intersecting global challenges to understand how differences in governance impact global cooperation.
We identify where the EU has the most influence and suggest strategic priorities and choices with respect to global governance transformation.
We raise awareness about global issues and foster (more) informed debates on how global governance should be transformed.

The ENSURED Consortium